Who We Are

We are K K ENTERPRISES Ship Chandler supplier company established and in the beginning from October, 2000 as Ship Chandler Company and enters into the Pakistan's Ship Supply Market.We are professionals with a big experience in the field of ship supply.We provide Fresh & Dry Provision,Fresh Fish & Other Seafood,Safety Equipment, Deck or Engine stores etc.We deliver it in shortest time without terms Our aim to give the best quality of products and an outstanding service...

                            Fresh & Dry Provision

Fresh items:Apple Red, Banana, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Water Melon,Mango,Orange,Grape Green,Lemon.Kiwi Fruit,Honeydew Melon,Plums Red,Potato Sweet,Papaya. Cabbage,Cauliflower,Onion,Potato,Carrots,Chili Green, Garlic,Ginger,Beetroot,Radish White,Pumpkin Red,Bitter Gourd, Beans,Green.

Dry items:Tomato Ketchup,Chili Sauce.Tang Orange, Lemon,Mango.Oats,White,Cup Noodles,Macaroni Spaghetti,Tata Salt,Horlicks,Bournvita,Milo,Cooking Oil,Soya Bean Oil,Sun flower Oil, Pringles Cheese, Pringles Chips, Tooth Paste, Colgate, CloseUp.Butter Cookies,Lipton Tea Pack & Bag,Yellow LabelTea, Coffee floger, Mate, Nestle, Creamer,Nescafe,Instant Coffee, Milk Powder,Nido,Everyday.Eggs,Honey

Frozen items:Chicken Whole,Chicken Boneless,Chicken Minced,Beef Rump,Beef Silver side,Beef Brisket,Beef Shank,Red Snapper Fillet,Cuttlefish,Prawns,Mix Vegetable Frozen,Samosa,Ice Cream Vanilla,Mango, Chocolate,Strawberry,Chocolates Bounty,Dairy Milk,Mars,Snickers,Fruit Yoghurt Plain Yoghurt,

                        Engine & Deck Cabin Stores

Engine items:Pneumatic Die Grinders,Pneumatic Straight Grinders,Rubber Air Hose, Welding hoses, Corrugated Rubber hose,Hose, Steam Rubber Hose,
Penetrating Oil, Multi Purpose Grease.

Rust Preventives,PVC water suction/Delivery Hose,Gear Grease, Paint mittens, Aluminium extension poles,Nylon deck brushes etc.

Cabin items: Winter Gloves,Non-Slip dotted Gloves,Gloves Cotton, Rubber coated Gloves,Tonsberg, Mooring Links,
Joining shackles, Anchor shackles, Kenter shackles,
Tees, Sockets, Reducing Sockets.

Wire Ropes, P.P. Ropes, Manila Ropes, Nylon Ropes, 
Shackles, Turnbuckles etc.

Deck items : Complete range of Cleaning Materials & Chemicals,Coir door mats,Deck rubber mats, Plastic sheeting,Corrugated rubber matting,Padlocks,
Paint brushes& paint rollers etc.

Marine Lubricants: Engine Cylinder Oils Engine Crankcase Oils Gear Oils Turbine Oils Hydraulic Oils etc.