We are K K ENTERPRISES Ship Chandler supplier company established and in the beginning from October, 2000 as Ship Chandler Company and enters into the Pakistan's Ship Supply Market.We are professionals with a big experience in the field of ship supply.We provide Fresh & Dry Provision,Fresh Fish & Other Seafood,Safety Equipment, Deck or Engine stores etc.We deliver it in shortest time without terms Our aim to give the best quality of products and an outstanding service.  

We are holding well reputable and trustworthy name around the market and now expanding our work by developing trust and relations with executives and crew, we are in this business since 2000 and still running because of good communication and management skills...





Fresh and Dry Store Frozen and Fishes, Prawns etc

Marine Lubricants:
Shell Products Mobil Castrol + Hydrolic Oil's

. . Buying all kind's of Scrap

· · Fresh & Dry Provision.

· · Fresh Fish & Other Seafood.

· · Engine, Deck, Cabin Stores.

· · Engine Oil and all Type Oil's.

. . Sludge Removal. 

· · All kinds of valves & Fitting.

· · Marine Chemical.

· · General order Suppliers.

· · Refilling of Oxygen,Acetylene,

. . Freon, LPG Cylinders.

· · Life Saving Equipment.

· ·Rewinding & Repairs of Motor.


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+92 333 2257209 /+9 311 2811333 

+92 343 3030403

Web: http://kkshipchandlers.blogspot.com